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Use Our Twitter Bot to Unroll a Thread

  1. 1 Give us a follow on Twitter. follow us
  2. 2 Drop a comment, mentioning us @unrollnow on the thread you want to Unroll.
  3. 3Wait For Some Time, We will reply to your comment with Unroll Link.

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How to Unroll any twitter threads: 3 Methods

UnrollNow.com is a 100% free-to-use Thread Unroll web app. It allows you to convert any long Twitter threads into easy-to-read and follow-up articles. We even have a 'Listen To This Thread' option, so that our bot reads any tweet for you.

Curently we have three easy to use process to Unroll Any Twitter Threads.

Copy Twitter Url and Paste In UnrollNow

This is easy to use process, Simply copy and paste url of any twitter posts or threads to "Enter Tweet Url" Box and click on Unroll Now Button to convert any tweet to beautiful article.

screenshot showing how to copy and paste tweet url in unrollnow

Unroll Using url bar

Another method to Unroll The Twitter Thread is by Replacing twitter.com to unrollnow.com in address bar.

ScreenShot showing how to use unrollnow by changing url of tweet

@unrollnow please A twitter Bot (comming soon)

We are currently working on a twitter bot. It is in develomental phase. After it is fully ready, you will be able to Unroll any threads just by commenting @unrollnow please on that specific thread.